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Si nos analise la corpo umana a elementos cimica, nos trova la mesuras a su:

(Un person de 70 kg – tota numeros es aprosima)

Elemento  % Pesia Pesia
Osijen (O) 63 44 kg
Carbono (C) 20 14 kg
Idrojen (H) 10 7 kg
Nitrojen (N) 3 2.1 kg
Calsio (Ca) 1.5 1 kg
Elemento  % Pesia Pesia
Fosfor (P) 1 700 g
Potasio (K) 0.25 170 g
Sulfur (S) 0.2 140 g
Cloro (Cl) 0.1 70 g
Sodio (Na) 0.1 70 g
Elemento  % Pesia Pesia
Magnesio (Mg) 0.04 30g
Fero (Fe) 0.004 3 g
Cupre (Cu) 0.0005 300 mg
Manganes (Mn) 0.0002 100 mg
Iodo (I) 0.00004 30 mg

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