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Me ia demanda ce nos nesesa per ave la Vici e la responde ia es:

I would also like to confirm the time that a Wiki has to stay on Incubator before final approval. I am adding articles every day and I remember that for the Jamaican Patois one the time was two or three months of continuous work. Is that the amount of time? We have already finished traslating all the messages needed so I presume that it is just a matter of time.
The definition is "at least 3 active editors (they can be different each month, but it should continuously be 3) for the course of at least several months", which means at least 3 months (but the committee has some leeway in its decision).

Nos debe es tre scrivente per tre menses per ave la Vici, me crede ce nos pote fa lo. --Chabi (talk) 22:57, January 28, 2017 (UTC)

  • Me regrete ce tota mea tempo libre a presente es ocupada con prepara la disionario per primi. Me ia regarda corta la mesajes traduida: los conteni alga gramatica vea ("ce" per "cual") e speles vea (privadia, relateda). Simon
    • Esta mesajes pote es cambiada an pos la crea de la Vicipedia. No ave problema, la disionario es plu importante ca la Vicipedia, e pos es editada, tu ta pote aida en la Vicipedia (an scrivente un article peti cada dia o cada semana es bon). --Chabi (talk) 10:24, January 29, 2017 (UTC)
    • A, bon – me pote probable fa acel. Simon

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