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Leteras de la tera
par Mark Twain
Letera nove
Letters From The Earth
by Mark Twain
Letter IX
La Barcon ia continua sua viaje, vagante sirca asi e ala e distante, sin busola e sin controla, la sporte de ventas acaso e corentes jirante. E la pluve, la pluve, la pluve! El ia continua cade, versa, empapa, inonda. No pluve como esta ia es videda ante esta. Des-ses ditones per dia no ia es rara en la pasada, ma acel no ia an prosima a esta. Esta ia es un sento du des ditones per dia - des pedes! A esta rapidia, ia pluve per cuatrodes dias e cuatrodes notes, e ia inonda tota colina cual ia ave sincosento pedes de altia. Alora, la sielo e an la anjeles ia deveni seca; ia ave no plu acua. The Ark continued its voyage, drifting around here and there and yonder, compassless and uncontrolled, the sport of the random winds and swirling currents. And the rain, the rain, the rain! It kept falling, pouring, drenching, flooding. No such rain had ever been seen before. Sixteen inches a day had been heard of, but that was nothing to this. This was a hundred and twenty inches a day – ten feet! At this incredible rate it rained forty days and forty nights, and submerged every hill that was four hundred feet high. Then the heavens and even the angels went dry; no more water was to be had.
Per un deluvia universal, el ia es un delude, ma ave montones de deluvias universal en la pasada, como es atestada par tota la Biblias de tota la nasiones, e esta ia es tan bon como la plu bon. As a Universal flood it was a disappointment, but there had been heaps of Universal Floods before, as is witnessed by all the Bibles of all the nations, and this was as good as the best one.
Final, la Barcon ia vola a alta e ia atera sur la culmine de Monte Ararat, des-sete mil pedes supra la vale, e sua carga vivente ia sorti e ia vade de la monte. At last the Ark soared aloft and came to rest on top of Mount Ararat, seventeen thousand feet above the valley, and its living freight got out and went down the mountain.
Noa ia planta un vineria, e ia beve la vino e ia es vinseda. Noah planted a vineyard, and drank the wine and was overcome.
Esta person ia es elejeda de tota la poplas car el ia es la esemplo plu bon. El ia debe comensa la raza umana sur un funda nova. Esta ia es la funda nova. La promete ia es mal. Per vade plu con la esperimente ia es prende un risca multe grande e nonsajos. Aora ia es la tempo per fa con esta persones cual ia es fada tan justa con la otras - afoca los. Cualcun esetante la Creor ia comprende esta. Ma el no comprende esta. Cual es per dise, cisa el no comprende esta. This person had been selected from all the populations because he was the best sample there was. He was to start the human race on a new basis. This was the new basis. The promise was bad. To go further with the experiment was to run a great and most unwise risk. Now was the time to do with these people what had been so judiciously done with the others – drown them. Anybody but the Creator would have seen this. But he didn't see it. That is, maybe he didn't.
Es declarada ce, de la comensa de tempo, el ia previde tota cual ta aveni en la mundo. Si acel es vera, el ia previde ce Adam e Eva ta come la poma; ce sua desendentes ta es nontolerable e ta nesesa es afocada; ce la desendentes de Noa ta, en sua turno, es nontolerable, e ce ultima ta nesesa parti de sua trono en la sielo, desende e es crusida per salva acel mesma raza fatigantte de umanas. La intera de el? No! Un parte de el? Si. Cuanto de el? En alga jenera, per sentos e sentos de jeneras, un mil milion ta mori e tota vade a puni enternal esetante per, posable, des mil de la mil milion. des mil ta veni de la grupo peti de Cristianes, e sola un en sento de acel grupo peti ta ave un oportunia. Nun de la tota esetante tal Catolicas roman cual ta ave la fortuna per ave un prete prosima per raspa sua spiritos a la respira final, e asi e ala un presbiterian. No otras es salvable. Par la milion. It is claimed that from the beginning of time he foresaw everything that would happen in the world. If that is true, he foresaw that Adam and Eve would eat the apple; that their posterity would be unendurable and have to be drowned; that Noah's posterity would in their turn be unendurable, and that by and by he would have to leave his throne in heaven and come down and be crucified to save that same tiresome human race again. The whole of it? No! A part of it? Yes. Now much of it? In each generation, for hundreds and hundreds of generations, a billion would die and all go to perdition except perhaps ten thousand out of the billion. The ten thousand would have to come from the little body of Christians, and only one in the hundred of that little body would stand any chance. None of them at all except such Roman Catholics as should have the luck to have a priest handy to sandpaper their souls at the last gasp, and here and there a presbyterian. No others savable. All the others damned. By the million.
Vole tu aseta ce el previde tota de esta? La predicas aseta el. Es la mesma como aseta ce, en la caso de intelijente, la Dio es la Povre Xef de la Universo, e ce en la caso de morales e cualia de carater, el es a basa a la nivel de David. Shall you grant that he foresaw all this? The pulpit grants it. It is the same as granting that in the matter of intellect the Deity is the Head Pauper of the Universe, and that in the matter of morals and character he is away down on the level of David.
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