Capitoles: 0123456788a9101112
Capitol 10
Chapter X.
El prende la Rea Roja de sur la table en cuando el parla, e secute el de asi a ala con tota sua fortia. She took her off the table as she spoke, and shook her backwards and forwards with all her might.
La Rea fa tota no resiste; ma sua fas deveni multe peti, e sua oios deveni grande e verde: e ancora, tra cuando Alisia continua secute el, el deveni sempre plu corta—e obesa—e mol—e ronda—e— The Red Queen made no resistance whatever; only her face grew very small, and her eyes got large and green: and still, as Alice went on shaking her, she kept on growing shorter—and fatter—and softer—and rounder—and—
Capitoles: 0123456788a9101112

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